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a letter to my mama.

dear mama,

thank you for changing all the diapers and staying up on those long nights. thank you for giving me scripture as a child to recite to myself when i had nightmares and was scared of the dark. thank you for quitting your job and staying home with drew and me so you could be completely invested in our lives. thank you for cheering me on at soccer games when i was 5 even though the whole eye/foot coordination was not my thing. thank you for teaching me how to swim and for all the years you chauffeured me to swim practice and swim meets so i could do something i loved. thank you for all the movie nights eating pizza on the pull-out couch. thank you for teaching me the importance of being silly and not taking myself too seriously. thank you for believing in me, being my lifelong cheerleader, prayer warrior, and number one supporter. i love you. happy mother's day!

and just for laughs...

Amy said...

{Can't wait to watch that video!}
Sounds like your mom is a pretty amazing woman! :)