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one thousand gifts // chapter nine.

"God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing,
He can make something out of us."
// martin luther //
while reading this chapter, i kept coming back to john 3:30, "he must increase, but i must decrease." i have to become small, and i have to go lower, in order to find the crazy, happy joy. the smaller i become, the larger life will be. i don't ever want to quit seeing the world through childlike eyes full of wonder and awe. the wonder that comes from staring up into big blue skies, viewing the world from the top of a mountain, or taking in the expanse of the ocean as waves roll in. it's these things that make me feel small, that humble me, and compel me to praise my Savior.


p.s. today is my best friend's birthday! this girl has one of the most beautiful hearts i know. she loves life and loves people well. i'm so glad jesus brought her alongside me in my journey and i'm looking forward to lifelong adventures as we get older and wiser. ha!  you should check out her heart for life here...and maybe leave her a gift...ya know, if you want. :)
Elizabeth said...

meg. you are the best. love you so much little. xoxox

Lala said...

thanks for sharing the scripture, such a great reminder that our God is Sovereign and He provisions!

Francesca Brown said...

I blogged about this scripture yesterday! I so want to read this book! It's definitely on my list of post-exams reading :)

Jessica L Martin said...

couldn't have said it better! I love this post. "He must increase, I must decrease." so true.