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weekend update.

- my sweet friend, alison, got engaged! isn't her ring gorgeous?? and now she is leaving us for pennsylvania so she can be near her fiance. i guess that's okay. :) but i'm going to miss her!!
- afternoons at the park with my girls soaking up the last rays of the day and the last moments we all have together as a core group
- my silly dog ran away...that was not a fave moment, but she came back! she bolted out the front door when my best friend arrived and ran straight for the woods behind our house. because my foot is still recovering, i'm not allowed to run, so i speed walked after her. i know, it's hilarious. i searched through the woods for the longest 15 minutes of my life before my best friend called and said my dog had shown back up at my house. apparently she just needed to have a wild adventure, but she gave this girl a heart attack.
- early morning breakfast dates at starbucks. delish.

- mint and neons (separately)
- stripes
- braids

pioneer - the band perry
beat this summer - brad paisley
golden - lady antebellum

// what were some highlights of your week? //
Amy said...

whenever my cat escapes my heart starts thumping at a speed i didn't know existed...so i feel your pain!
Her ring IS gorgeous...sad day that she is moving. :( :(
Starbucks = winning!

Elizabeth said...

haha. dog. one time i almost hit a dog that escaped from a front door! that was the worst!

Unknown said...

i saw that ring and my first thought was...YOU GOT ENGAGED. Whoops. And then I thought I dont' recall you ever talking about dating anyone so it seemed a little surprising. Love coffee dates at Starbucks. And my dog did that several months ago- It was early morning, I was pregnant, PFB was still sleeping and Chris had already left for an early meeting. I was SO mad and SO scared. He eventually came back though- just needed a joy run I guess

Unknown said...

Love you! :)