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weekend update.

- the as isaac concert. y'all, it was beautiful. i haven't stopped listening to the album in my car, when i'm at home and i sing the songs even when it's not on. it's just that good. and the great news is that you can get your copy on itunes or amazon today!
- spending time with alex and todd. so sad i'm going to miss their wedding this weekend.
- experiencing the chattanooga farmer's market for the first time
- finding baby veggies growing in our garden. it won't be long before they are ready for eating!
- finding the perfect essie nail polish
- cowboy and indian themed birthday parties
- playing lots of corn hole. i'm pretty incredible at this game...on opposite day.

this is one of my favorites. it reminds me of my childhood days.

// summer time is in full swing. do you have any fun vacations planned? //
Carly said...

That polish IS perfect!


katie ridings said...

I love the Essie polish, it stays on SO much longer than the cheap ones lol!!

Kristin said...

Love that Essie shade