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weekend update.

- eating fresh veggies from the garden // so delish!
- breathtaking sunsets
- hanging out with my favorite kiddos and having conversations about animated movies
- dinner with the grandparents and great aunt and uncle // they are hilarious
- walks in the park
- atlanta adventures

things i've learned: dealing with disappointment // jenny highsmith
deeper: a thankful future self // until only love remains

okay, so the civil wars have a new song out that will be on their upcoming album releasing on august 6th. how thoughtful of them...the day before my birthday! :) i love love love this group and i'm very sad about the issues they are having and the fact that this may be their last album together. sigh.

p.s. will and kate's baby was born today! a boy! i hope they name him george. that would be the best. and for all you debbie downers out there trying to squelch the excitement some of us have about this event, please stop. go eat some ice cream and quit being grumpy. babies are worth being celebrated whether their birthday is televised or not. i'm still holding onto hope that i can be the royal nanny/besties with kate. #dreaming

tori. said...

Yesterday I was watching a special on Dateline about "The Baby Prince." And the broadcaster said they were in need of a nanny! I was like "Pick me, pick me!!"