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weekend update.

- spending july 4th at the ceremony honoring andrew and tori. they are now homeowners of a beautiful new house in tennessee! jesus, a lot of skilled workers, and over one thousand volunteers saw this house built in under 7 days.
- eating watermelon and spending time with the fam
- movie dates with friends
- sunshine coming back after 5 days of rain
- watching BBC shows. i heart england.
- fresh flowers
- furniture makeover projects (pictures coming soon!)

deeper // kingdom work :: until only love remains
inspiration board: 4th of july :: jenny highsmith

bold colors and painted furniture like this and this! watch out world, i'm about to take a paintbrush to all the dull furniture in the house. :)

// how was your long weekend? //
Alysse said...
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Amy said...

BBC shows are where it is at!
Sounds like a fantastic weekend, especially hanging out with friends and Jesus!

Elizabeth said...

i love your pictures always!