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a day in the life // birthday edition

// my 1st birthday. i still love icing just as much now as i did then. //

well every one, i am twenty-five years old today. a whole quarter of a century. this means my car insurance will go down and i can now rent a car without the additional fees.  well, there will always be additional fees, but from now on, they won't be based on my age.  a friend told me that i get to say i'm in my mid-twenties now, but i'm not sure i ever wanted to be able to say that. yikes. however, i do get to run around saying "previously on 24" in a dramatic jack bauer voice whenever i tell stories from last year. that is definitely a plus.

looking back on this last year, there have certainly been highs and lows, but i know Jesus has been with me through all of it. i am humbled and overwhelmed that He has put me on this earth to walk through this adventure called life. that He would walk by my side and guide me. step by step. at His perfect pace. this song is my cry and my prayer. no matter what this next year does or does not bring, it will be my joy to say Your will, Your way, always.

here's to a year full of new adventures, new friends, new dreams and lots of grace. 

y'all have a beautiful day now, ya hear?

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!! Hope it's a great one!

Kitti Murray said...

Happy, happy Day, Megan! I'm glad God made you!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!! 25 is great. i promise!

Kiki said...

I'm just going to tell you on every social media form possible, Happy Birthday Megan!!!

That Jack Bauer reference made me laugh--I had no idea you watched that series! On a side note, did you know that they're starting it up again next summer? This girl is just a (little) excited for it...

p.s. LOVE that song by Chris Tomlin. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Megan! Hope you have a wonderful day, and of course another wonderful year ahead!,

Amy said...

gah, you were even cute as a little girl, so adorable! :)
25...man oh man, a year of years right?
Let's just look at it as the mark of another year of awesomeness