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thursday's letters.

dear coworkers, thanks for being spectacular. you made my birthday at work so fun. dear twenty-five, you are already turning out to be so much better than i originally thought. so many fun and exciting things happening. dear mug swap, i got my swap assignment yesterday and then spent an hour on etsy looking at all the cute mugs. sigh. how will i ever choose?? dear french press mornings, i've fallen in love with this print of yours. i read this verse in a quiet time this week and it has stuck with me. dear civil wars, i am stuck on this song. mostly because it's the most upbeat melody on your new album. oh to sing like joy williams. dear blogger friends, thank you so much for all the happy birthday wishes. i felt so loved. y'all are the best. fo' real.

Amy said...

I JUST found a mug. It was hard to attempt to keep it under the $20 price (suggested) limit...especially including shipping but i found a cute one.
girl that print = llloooovvveee!!!

I have yet to listen to the new civil wars album, i need to get on it!

kristyn said...

happy birthday to you! loved all of the photos on IG, what sweet friends & coworkers you have! glad it was an enjoyable day :)