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DIY // canvas art

what you need::
- stretched canvases // size of your choice
- metallic paint
- paper mache letter
- pearl glimmer mist // optional
- some kind of adhesive // i used spray adhesive
- paint brush or foam brush
- pencil

to begin::
1. gather all of your materials. at the end of this post you will have the option to purchase the main materials and have them delivered straight to your doorstep!
2. the crafts you can create with canvas are pretty limitless. i knew that i wanted to incorporate lyrics in some way, and i knew i wanted to use gold paint. i'm obsessed.

note: please disregard the print-out of tennessee, the glitter, and the mod podge. that's another project for another time :)

3. i free-handed the chevron stripes in pencil on my canvas before starting to paint. then i used a foam brush to add the metallic gold paint. the canvas material soaks up the paint quite a bit, so i had to do two coats.

4.  i used the same foam brush and put one coat of metallic paint on my paper mache letter.  i attached the letter to the canvas using some spray adhesive i had left over from a previous project.

please excuse the mess, but this is real life. my crafting process can accurately be described as "organized chaos." ;)

5. my lyric canvas doesn't require any instruction. ha! i just love mumford and sons and this song. so i threw some some words on the canvas and was done :) voila!

6. lastly, i took the pearl glimmer mist spray and coated both canvases with it. the mist gives a little extra shimmer to your project, which i loved.

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

These look great! I've never been a big fan of gold, but I have to say I'm being very, very swayed.

Elizabeth said...


Cheek.HM said...

I'm pretty sure I know Camille and the people who started Craftistas.
If this is who I think it was, it was a business plan project for out senior capstone. This is awesome that she's found friends to continue it with!

Love the Mumford canvas too!

Ashleigh Pinkerton said...

Yes! Love how this turned out, Megan! I like the paper mache letter + canvas combo!

And Heather - Yes, Camille started Craftistas about a year ago, and we just started the new idea of a blogger widget :)

-Ashleigh, Craftistas