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DIY // paper flowers: part three

i'm back with one final paper flower tutorial for you. that is, until i have another paper crafting spree. this one has been my absolute favorite! mostly because one of the main ingredients is glitter. sparkly goodness.

what you'll need:
cardstock // color of your choice
circle cutter // i tried both a 1" and 1 1/4" circle and ended up liking the larger circle better
hot glue gun

glitter flower tutorial::

step 1: cut circles from your cardstock. i wanted to try out the ombre effect, so i have a different color for each layer of flower. i used approximately 8-10 circles per color. you'll use more depending on how full you want the bloom to be.
step 2: take your scissors and cut a slit halfway up each circle
step 3: put a dot of hot glue on the left side of the slit and slide the right side on top of the left. this will form a cone. repeat.
step 4: put a dot of hot glue near the seam of one cone and place a second cone (usually the flattest side) on top of the seam.
step 5: repeat steps 3 and 4 over and over and over. you'll want to make the cones less severe as you go so that the flower looks more open once you're finished.
step 6: smother the center in hot glue and cover it in pixie dust. if you don't have pixie dust, i guess you'll just have to settle for regular old glitter.

i think these would be super cute sitting on a mirror tray. they also look like they should be floating in water or something spectacular like that. someone find me waterproof paper and i'll make it happen.

<< what are you crafting these days? >>
Cheek.HM said...

Some water replacement ideas
1) Check hobby stores that carry model train sets and accesories. The people who make whole train landscapes include lakes/rivers, ect. It's a special type of gel I believe that they form into any shape. I haven't seen the stuff in years, but in high school I worked at small hobby store that carried it.
2) Get a shallow dish, place a mirror in the bottom of it and cover the mirror in hot glue. It should dry semi clear and the mirror underneath gives it a pretty reflection.

Just some ideas to try and experiment with.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE gold glitter!!!!!