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etsy swap 2013.

welcome! my name is meg and i love etsy. a lot.
this is my friend amy. we've never met, but if we had, we'd be real life besties.

we are super excited to announce that we are hosting our first etsy swap!

i know what you're thinking. "megs, what in tarnation is an etsy swap??"

well, amy and i both love etsy and favorite ridiculous amounts of things that we wish we could buy to put in our homes. but let's be honest, ain't nobody got money for all of that. i'm sure many of you are in this same situation. so we thought how fun it would be to involve y'all, partner you up with another blogger, have you stalk get to know each other via all forms of social media, and buy and ship each other etsy gifts based on your style! i know, it's brilliant! besides getting fun things in the mail, this is a great way to meet other bloggers and make new friends in this community.

etsy swap timeline:
8/27 | Sign-ups close
9/2   | Partner set up (we will send out emails to participants)
9/16 | Deadline to mail out package
9/26 | Link-up

price range: $20 - $25
*if you opt to pay more, we will pair you up with another participant who is willing to pay a little extra

the important stuff:
+ for this swap, we're goint to keep it for bloggers only, just to help keep things easier the first time around
+ sign up by 8/27
+ grab our button and share it on your blog :)
+ remember your partner isn't supposed to know who you are UNTIL they get their package [yay! surprises!!], so be super duper sneaky
+ once you get your partner's information, make sure you look through their pinterest, etsy favorites, blog, instagram etc. to get an idea of their style
+ if you want to go over the price range, please make that known when you sign up. we will pair you up with someone who has similar interests.
+ make sure you mail out your package before on ON the deadline of september 16th.  if you are running late, please break your vow of silence, contact your partner, and let them know. 
+ don't forget to link-up with us on september 26th to share what you received!!

interested? sign up here.

swap tips:
+ you can send multiple items. just try to stay within your price range.
+ i suggest sending a fun note with your gifts. everyone loves notes!
+ don't stress. your partner is going to love whatever you send them.
+ have fun! send gifts! make friends!

if you have ANY questions at all, don't be shy! ask us! leave questions in the comments section below. we are SO excited to have you participating and want this to be a fun experience for all!

feel free to hashtag along the way using #etsyswap2013

happy swapping!

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Cheek.HM said...

Love this idea... I'm digging the #swap ideas all over the blogging-sphere now!

Thanks Meg for putting this together. Can't wait to "meet" the person I'm connected with.

Unknown said...

love this!! i am so excited to participate!

Amy said...

i am so excited!!!! :) :)

Elizabeth said...

pretty sure I look crazy in my responses!! Harry Potter and hipster gold things.... lol

chelsea said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm so mad I missed it! Will you be organizing an Etsy Swap round 2? I'd love to be a part of it!