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weekend update.

- i got a nephew! sort of. my brother and sister-in-law brought home the cutest boxer puppy you've ever seen. his name is fin :) i just want to snuggle him. looks like i need to take a trip to cali soon so i can see that sweet pup.
- hangout time with the cousins // weddings // teaching cousins sweet dance moves (i am an awesome dancer...on opposite day)
- receiving my first purchase from the liberty shoppe! it won't be the last.
- being reminded of God's greatness through His creation. we have a Creator who pays great attention to detail, and for that i am thankful.
- discovering "if disney princesses had instagram"


thoughts to make your heart sing // sally lloyd-jones
harry potter and the goblet of fire // j.k. rowling (i know. i'm 25. kids books are my fave)
hinds' feet on high places // hannah hurnard

1. i am sometimes a procrastinator and almost always a perfectionist. it's an odd combination.
2. simply orange with mango is my fave.
3. i like my hot chocolate with a dash of hazelnut creamer. it's weird, i know.

// 3 random things about you? go. //

Amy said...

The disney princess instagram = ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER! I laughed even more when i realized there were actual responses from other princess HILARIOUS
Puppy = cute
cousins = cute ;) hahah
the scenery there ...GOSH gorgeous!
I still have yet to read the HP books, i need to though because i LOVE the movies!

Annie said...

Better come soon! He is growing FAST!

Kiki said...

Your new nephew is cute! Puppies are adorable and his eyes melt my heart. :)

And oh my goodness that scenery is gorgeous!!! Simply stunning + what a great photo!

p.s. Not to be a creeper, but Amy's comment about your cousins is SO funny--gotta love that girl. :)

Samantha Shepherd said...

My parents came home one weekend earlier this year with a boxer puppy so I know how precious they are! Ahhh. The cuteness is just too much. :)

Hmmm...3 random things:
1)I have frozen yogurt for dinner more than I should.
2)I'd choose the mountains over the beach any day.
3)I go to Target wayyy more often than I should.

Unknown said...

We have a boxer! They are great dogs! Also we've been reading Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing with our daughter. We love Sally Lloyd -Jones