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weekend update // birthday edition

FAVORITE MOMENTS:: picture style

my coworkers surprised me wednesday morning with balloons, cupcakes, and a disney princess puzzle // they know the way to my heart.

they also made me a book of 25 reasons why being 25 is awesome. my fave was the driver's license page. mostly because they made me rapunzel // again, they know me so well. ;)

family birthday dinner at the boathouse on the tennessee river

i always have a homemade chocolate icecream and oreos cake for my birthday. every year. and it is delicious. my dad has been the one to decorate our birthday cakes since i was born.

birthday poems written by my mom

birthday flowers from my brother and sister-in-law. they came in a cupcake vase and now that they've bloomed, i have a flowery cupcake sitting on my desk. yum.

and to top it all off, google wished me a happy birthday! i'm not sure if i should be excited or really creeped out...

let's make habits // jenny highsmith
recipes: puppy chow // until only love remains
to the writer // tickled yellow

DIY // paper flowers: part three

"the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." // john 1:15

these toms! i've never owned a pair, but i've always wanted to. i don't know what's holding me back. maybe it's the price. yikes.
// what was your favorite moment this past week? //

Alysse said...

I love the post, it sounds like you have so much fun! The google thing is a bit creepy...also the Toms, I would say look for local deals at stores in your town. We have a store that is kind of a hippy store but they had a deal that if you walked in bare foot one day you got like $10 off a pair of Toms. So look for deals! and Happy Birthday :)

Amy said...

I'm a little creeped out at the google thing for you...that is WEIRD i mean cool...but weird too
I LOVE toms...the only pair i own is basically dead now...i need to get another pair. :)

Yay for fun birthdays...that cake looks delicious!

Kiki said...

Looks like a lovely birthday, to me! I love that your dad has decorated birthday cakes since you were born--that's such a fun tradition! :)

And Toms, oh Toms. So cute, but like you said, the price is what always holds me back from getting a pair!