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colorado meets tennessee.

okay, so i didn't have a post planned for today, but i just HAD to tell y'all something. my two best friends met each other today! it's funny, i always feel like my best friends know each other because i know them and i talk about them all the time. so naturally, they should be friends too! right?

well, today those dreams came true. my tennessee bestie is out in colorado for a week long conference and got to meet up with my colorado bestie for breakfast. my only disappointment is that i couldn't be there with them. let me just be sappy for a minute and say that i am so thankful for both of these girls and for the parts they play in my life and this journey. each of them speaks God's truth into my life and encourages me to live a life full of joy and grace. i do not know what i would do without them. high fives for friendship!

 happy wednesday, brave hearts!
Elizabeth said...

Love you!

Natalie said...

i just now saw this! love it! and i love you!!