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autumn inspired.

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i am so ready for fall. cozy, baggy sweaters with skinnies. the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. a crisp breeze. hands wrapped around warm mugs. pumpkins carved. old, soft flannels. scarves (oh gosh, scarves. i'm obsessed.) campfires and smores. coffe shop afternoons. sunday drives with windows down. the list goes on and on.

what do you love most about this season?
Amy said...

i love everything you just listed.
fall is one of my favorite times - it's a renewal, a changing season, a chance to settle in and review pieces of life. :) love it.
ps great picture finds!

Unknown said...

I loved this! I love fall so much! I love love love boots and can't wait to pull them out of my closet. Fall comes later and quite different in Southern California, and I have had to learn how to dress a little bit different then when I was in the mid-west.

Britney said...

I love fall!
I am also obessed with scarves as well. love them!
My favorite is hot cider!

Jessica (Coco/Mingo) said...

Just came across your wonderful blog! I can't wait to explore more - I love it! :) Oh my, I can't wait for full-on Fall! We have already felt some chilly days here in NYC! Love these photos - making me even more excited!


Unknown said...

I am in a fall frenzy myself! Loving this inspiration board! :)

The Sist3rs said...

I absolutely adore this! Such gorgeous photos and colors. I can't wait for fall to begin!

The Sist3rs

Kiki said...

Love this list (and these photos!). I always love the beginning of each season, especially fall. Maybe it's because of school, but there's always so much newness that comes with the beginning of fall. I am especially excited for boot weather, sweaters, crisp air, baking, and scarves. Scarves are the bestest. :)

Elizabeth said...

pretty sure i have pinned ALL of those pics on pinterest! fall is my favorite. for all those reasons mentioned!