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Q & A // the travel agency

you know how i talk about my favorite southern newlyweds all the time? well, this is the cute couple. alex has recently started a new job in the travel world, which she knows a whole lot about. yes, she was that girl who vacationed in beautiful places around the world while growing up thanks to her mama's job. i know, i'm jealous too.

because i honestly wasn't sure how the travel agency world works and because i like to promote my friends, i asked alex to fill me in. oh, if you want to see more pictures from their incredible wedding, click on the link below. they had a spectacular photographer!  

Tell the blogging world a little about yourself!
Hello! My name is Alex Smith. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Chattanooga in 2009 to go to college at UTC. This June, I got married(!!!) to my wonderful high school sweetheart, Todd. Then, in July, I embarked on an exciting new career; I am now a travel agent! My life consists of learning to be a newlywed, setting up our home, loving on our puppy dog, Luke, settling in to my new career, and living for the glory of God.

How did you get invovled in the travel world?
I am working from Chattanooga as an Agent for The Travel Agency, Inc. whose home office is located in Arlington, TN. I have grown up around the travel industry, since my mom has been a travel agent since 1983 and has owned her own agency since 2006.  I have traveled extensively including Europe, Mexico, multiple trips to DisneyWorld, numerous states throughout America, and much of the Caribbean.

Why use a travel agent?
A travel agent offers valuable knowledge and security, since this is what we do all day.  Your time is valuable and the travel research process can be very time consuming, so I can put my organization skills & detail-oriented personality to good use & plan your trip.  I can make your trip (planning and all) enjoyable from start to finish.  Without a travel agent, you are on your own.  When you use me, you can contact me at anytime during the planning process (and the trip itself) with any questions or concerns.  You don't have to worry about anything; I am your problem solver. 

How much does it cost to use The Travel Agency?
There are NO service fees on your vacation travel. I work on commision, which means the tour companies & cruise lines pay me to help plan your vacation at NO additional cost to you.

What does the process look like to book a trip?
Step 1: Call or email me!! Let me know what you are interested in: what do you want to do, where do you want to go??
Step 2: I will send you options that you can look through and you can choose your dream vacation. If you didn't see your ideal vacation from this list of options, my search continues!
Step 3: once your vacation is chosen, we will setup a payment plan and I will send you your documents and all your trip information when it comes in!
Step 4: Go on your trip and enjoy!!

What are your favorite resorts you've visited?
My favorite vacation I have ever taken is probably to Beaches Turks and Caicos! The water is clear calm, and seriously gorgeous! And (like any Beaches and Sandals Resort) they go above and beyond with their all-inclusive accommodations.

My second favorite vacation would have to be our honeymoon. We went to Sandals Antigua in June and the resort was breathtaking! We got to walk along the beach to dinner every night and it was just the relaxation we needed as we enjoyed our first week of being newlyweds.


okay, so seriously how great is that? planning your next vaca could be much less stressful with alex as your travel agent! this, of course, is coming from my completely unbiased opinion ;) you can contact her by...
phone: 901.626.9887
or check out The Travel Agency website.  

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Amy said...

that would be an awesome job!

Kelsey said...

Woot woot! Go Alex!!! She is the best at organization and attention to detail!