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weekend update.

- well, in case you missed it, my blog name changed and the blog got a beautiful makeover!
- having the bestie in town
- adventures and new hiking spots
- crafting: felt flowers for the win
- one day of cooler temperatures. it was a perfect fall day! now it's back to the 80s :(
- sunday movie nights with hobbits and dwarves
- the puppy turned 2 and is as sassy as ever
- i'm an adopted aunt! aimie's little girl was born last night! :)

weekend update // rivers and roads
music & lyrics // mumford & sons
thursday's letters // the bayou
who are you? // myers briggs edition


- chipotle doesn't mess around, y'all.
- this adoption story is just so beautiful

these hunter rainboots! goodness, they are calling my name and are perfect for rainy autumn days. am i right or am i right?

p.s. today is the last day to enter the milk+crown giveaway! don't miss out! :)

kristyn said...

your photos are making me crave fall weather so badly :) i miss acorns haha!

also, i LOVE the myers-briggs test, but i love it even more now that there is an HP chart! definitely need to retake it soon and find out what i am (i forget....lol)

have a marvelous monday!

Elizabeth said...

how did I miss that adoption video?!! sending it out to my whole staff now!

Kiki said...

Love adoption stories and this one is no exception. So heartwarming and so full of hope!

And I also love those Hunter rainboots! I've had a not-so-secret crush on their boots since forever. :)

Amy said...

+those acorns = love.
+gosh i want to go hiking in beautiful fall weather aka i need to plan a trip up there asap. ;)
+you and your pretty felt flowers!

anne taylor said...

The blog looks fantastic! I'm so glad to have found your site - you're so cute! Looking forward to reading along now.