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weekend update.

- new friends and coffee dates at rembrandts. i love the chattanooga art district.
- iOS7. forever and ever. amen.
- phone dates with old camp friends
- heart talk and beautiful afternoons at the park
- going to a coffee tasting. SO nerdy. i am such a hipster...
- sermons filled with grace and truth
- my shop had its first customer this week! super fun. i'm hoping to add some more items over the next week or two. baby steps :)
- so much snail mail this week + i received my etsy swap gift! check back thursday for the reveal :)

heart talk // oak+oats
forgiveness:learning to walk in the light // hope engaged

- this video is just too great not to mention again. go watch it. now.
- i wrote this post on seasons two years ago, and it is still a good reminder for me.
- listen to it. believe it. God is good. all the time.

minnetonka mocs. all of them. i bought a pair last fall and wear them all. the. time. best shoes ever. seriously. if you are looking for a good pair of mocs this year, i highly suggest this brand. comfy and stylin'.
Amy said...

+yay for etsy swap gifts! I can't wait to share mine either!!! :) :)
+ a COFFEE TASTING?! I need to go to there!
+ios7 is awesome - but am I the only one who notices the battery DRAIN that is happening?!
+friend...you're awesome, the end.

kristyn said...

i so agree. i love iOS7! and that video is absolutely adorable :)

Elizabeth said...

I was just telling bruce i wanted a pair of those minnetonka mocs!!!