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adventures in colorado // cheyenne mountain zoo

every time i'm in colorado springs, i take a trip to the zoo. every time. you can find some photographic evidence of that here and here. best friend and her hubs used to have a membership and we would go when i was out for a visit. it's like going on a safe and secure safari adventure! so when liz found out i was coming on this business trip with her, the first thing she said was "i want to go to that zoo your friends take you to!" the zoo::i talk about it to anyone who will listen.

the giraffes are my absolute favorite. i could probably stay at that exhibit all day long. they are so graceful and awkward all at the same time...sort of like me. bahahaha. it's a gift, people. it's a gift.

we spent a couple hours wandering around the zoo, checking out the animal kingdom, and breathing in the fresh colorado mountain air. i also may or may not have sung half the songs from the lion king. 
the cirrrrrrcle of liiiiiiiife. YOLO.

// what's you favorite part about the zoo? //
p.s. the penguins make me sad.
Allison said...

Your zoo looks awesome! Great pictures! I love going to the zoo. :)

Tamara said...

Aw your photos really captured the spirit of the zoo! Visiting a zoo in the mountains sounds really interesting; compared to our zoo near the bayou. I guess Louisiana has a lot of interesting water animals to see that's pretty native to here. But the mountains sounds even better!

Asia @ The Cracked Lens said...

It's so cool that the giraffes can come right up to the fence and say hi!

Amy said...

+ so have you pet the giraffe before?!?!
+ I haven't been to the zoo in FOREVER (it's about an hour and a half away) but I need to make it happen!

Elizabeth said...

the penguins should be next on the new exhibit list!!