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at first light.

one thing you should know about me is that i am not a morning person. i'm a grumpy, blurry-eyed mess in the mornings. now, i can make myself be friendly and pleasant, but i'm pretty sure that's not my natural bent. i agree with zooey deschanel when she said, "in an ideal world, no one would talk before 10 a.m. people would just hug, becaue waking up is really hard." preach it, sister.

i roll out of bed, get ready in a hurry, jump in the car, and head to work. the sun is just starting to poke its sleepy head above the horizon by the time i get to work, and i love watching the sky change colors as the light paints the clouds. i may not be a morning person, but i'm pretty sure the sunrise each morning is God's gift to me and a reminder to soak up each moment. it's amazing to me how different each and every sunrise is...different cloud shapes and sizes and colors. we have a pretty amazing creator, don't you think?

i've started a hashtag project for myself of just sunrise photos. slowing down enough to enjoy the beauty and to snap a picture in the mornings helps me to refocus my mind and heart before my work day starts. i would love for you to join me! use the hashtag // #morningswithriversandroads
Allison said...

What a sweet idea! Love these pictures...sun rise is such an amazing time of day when you're up for it. :)

Amy said...

umm love the # project - I will definitely be joining in!
I AM a morning person - one of those annoying ones. I mean give me 3 minutes after waking up and that is when i'm the most productive. Seriously, I've cleaned my entire house before 10am one haha.
and all of those sunrises, gorgeous, I don't have just one favorite, they are all too pretty!

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! I love your photos too!

Elizabeth said...

proud of you for being up then ;)

Elizabeth said...

but for real... your mornings sound like my mornings!