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advertising with rivers + roads.

i have finally put together a couple advertising packages for the blog and wanted to let you all know! signing up for sponsorships with various blogs has been a great experience for me and has allowed me to meet other bloggers and make new friends. the best! so i wanted to give my readers (you!) the opportunity to do the same here on rivers and roads.

in no way do i want to pressure you into buying ad space! but for those interested, i wanted you to know it is now an option :) if you can't decide whether or not you want to invest in sponsorships, or you don't know what the benefits would be, i highly suggest checking out oak+oat's post about advertising

if you are just starting to test the sponsorship waters, swapping ads is a great way to go. one of my ad options includes a free swap, so please email me if you are interested, and i will send you the promo code! i only have 8 swap spaces available per month, so if one month is full, feel free to sign up for the next one!

please contact me with any and every question you might have about advertising with rivers and roads. i'd love to talk to you! if you are interested in advertising and are ready to go, you can sign up here. for the rest of october, i am offering 15% off all advertising packages using the code: OCTOBERDAYS
as a side note >> a lot of you are no-reply bloggers. oh no! you leave me the sweetest comments and i want to write you back and tell you how much i appreciated it and that i want to be friends, but i can't! the good news is that this is an easy fix. follow these simple instructions to ensure you can receive responses to your kind comments :) thanks a bunch.

happy happy friday, brave hearts.

Amy said...

+ yay for advertising! :) new things on the blog is always fun!
+ girl so many people are no-reply bloggers and it makes me sad too! I want to be able to respond to their comments!
+ uh also - I loved that "happy happy Friday brave hearts" so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that I was a no reply blogger, hopefully I've fixed it with your help! I'd love to do a free swap of ads with you are you already full for November?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me do another test comment to see if this is fixed, you're amazing!