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snail mail collective.

in september, i joined in on the snail mail collective hosted by lost in travels and the nectar collective. now, y'all know how much i love snail mail. as in the mailbox is the first thing i check when i get home from work. and my first question when i get home is "did i get any mail?" so when i found out about the snail mail collective, i was all about it.

i was paired with briel banks, who you can read about over on her blog. i'd just like to thank her for being patient with me this month while i've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. i was seriously so scattered and disorganized, which if you know anything about me, you'd know isn't very true to nature. when i got back from my business trip on sunday night, my snail mail package from briel was waiting for me. let me just say, my snail mail to her pales in comparison.

girl, you went above and beyond. thank you so much. your package was so sweet and thoughtful. i can't wait to look through the magazines you sent. i've already been inspired by the photography and projects i've glimpsed while flipping through the pages. seriously, thank you for being so kind and patient, and good luck with your move! can't wait to see updates on the victorian house you are helping to restore! :)

// have you received any fun snail mail recently? //
Briel Banks said...

I thought the next character voice of Pixar should have cartoon bubble post-its. I LOVED the washi tape. My car is the only thing I can decorate right now. I'm tearing everything else up and you totally inspired me. I hope you're having a lovely first day of October :)

Tamara said...

This is so cute! Oh how i miss my weekly letters from pals across the states and the globe. I really do need to accomplish my weekly goals and get pen to paper and keep in touch! Thanks for the reminder.

Amy said...

whhhhaaaaattttttt is this amazing snail mail collectiveness you're speaking of.
and umm i LOVE the speaking bubbles - and the leaf - and the journal. SNAP!
(what magazines did you get?!)

Britt and Hive said...

Ahhh, I love that she included magazines. What a great - and cheap option. It looks like she took the time to study you, and got a very thoughtful gift.

Lucky, Lucky.

Allison Leighann said...

I LOVE snail mail! I've always wanted to find a link up like that and I'm kind of sad that I missed it!