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weekend update.

- celebrating emma's 23rd birthday. i can't believe this is our core group's 4th year together!
- evenings filled with movies and hot tea. i am a grandma.
- buying a pair of GAP cords for $0.47. that's 47 cents, y'all. thank you, sales and coupons.
- having the bestie in town for the weekend
- finding out that according to that game at cracker barrel, i am a genius. there is a first time for everything.
- pumpkin decorating! there was a lot of glitter involved.
- running up and down the isles of Target like little kids finding masks to try on. #ironmanforlife #noshame

advertising with rivers + roads
at first light
music & lyrics // emily hearn
adventures in colorado // garden of the gods

hillsong // young & free. this album has been on repeat this past week. be sure to take a listen.
i particularly love this song...

in case you missed the news last week, two of my faves are hosting a christmas exchange!! i could not be more excited. christmas is my favorite holiday, and gifts are my love language. giving and receiving. i love it all. this exchange is open to everyone! you don't have to be a blogger to participate, so get your sign-ups on before november 16th to be included in this christmas goodness! check out beth and samantha for more info :)
Kiki said...

47 cent pants from GAP? That's crazy lucky, my friend. I'm a huge sucker for good deals on great clothes and now I'm a little jealous. :)

And glitter pumpkins? Yes, please. I have yet to buy/decorate a pumpkin--we shall see if that actually happens this year or not!

And I can't wait to listen to the Hillsong song! I love Hillsong and your taste in music so I bet I'm going to love it, too.

Amy said...

+ still can't believe you got pants for that cheap - I mean that is basically free!! :)
+ ps have you heard of the target cartwheel app?! they have COUPONS NOW!