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weekend update.

- core group conversations
- dinner with a dear friend and her kiddos
- creating new christmas prints for the shop
- a day off to rest and recover from whatever sickness is going around

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november sponsors
on taking sick days.

- feel free to ignore the fact that this is One Direction, but the music video idea with all the pictures is amazing!! if y'all even knew how much i love pictures you could understand. i want a whole room strung up with photos like this!! this is the equivalent of belle's library for me.
- have you heard of an app called signote? i found it via #theeverydayproject a couple weeks ago and i'm obsessed. you get to create your own typography for your photos.
- these chevron printed straws
- hooray for nerdy lord of the rings references

there are so many fun things coming up! here's a tiny glimpse.
- going to see catching fire!! y'all, i can't even handle the anticipation.
- the 4th annual core group christmas party
- going with my dad to get our christmas tree. it's a tradition.
- thanksgiving in colorado! 9 days and counting :)
Amy said...

oh snap!
you linked to my story. *blushes* thank you! ;)
& uhhh signote?! NEVER HEARD OF IT...but thank you ;)
+ catching fire = so stoked. can I be honest In saying that it snuck up on me this year? last year I had already bought my tickets and everything...but uh dang I looked at the planner and thought "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY MEMORY?!"

Megan McIlvaine said...

- :) you're welcome. it's a good one!!!
- signote is the best!! i'm obsessed.
- i'm going saturday to a matinee. hopefully less people and less expensive! i can't wait!!

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Catching Fire! Yes, yes, yes! I get goosebumps watching the trailer. And I have never been one of those people who goes to see movies on opening weekend, but for Catching Fire, yes, and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

Megan McIlvaine said...

haha! girl, i'm ANXIOUS...about a movie!! and i know what happens! haha...it's ridiculous. i can't wait!