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december sponsors.

i cannot believe how close we are to christmas! for this month's feature post, i have some super fun people to introduce you to! AND these ladies have some great christmas music selections for you as well, which is the best!! so take a look at their answers and then go stalk get to know them and their blogs!

i asked my sponsors two questions...

what is your favorite christmas song?
do you prefer white lights or colorful lights at christmas?

// Honestly, I have a few: ANYTHING by She + Him. I just LOVE their whole Christmas album! But for a very specific song, I've always loved the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings". I've been a fan of Sarah McLachlan since Jr High school- her voice is magical. 
// When it comes to Christmas lights I like both! For our tree we always have colored lights, but on our bedroom window we have nice classy white ones. Then there's our patio where we have the old fashioned HUGE bulbed colored glass ones! Maybe those are my favorite? They remind me of driving up my grandparents' driveway at Christmas. :) It was the first thing I could see as a kid- their lights along their house. 

// My favorite Christmas song is hands down "All that I want" by the Weepies. I get butterflies when I hear it.
// Colorful lights... they're so nostalgic.

// I have so many. one of my new favorites (because it is hilarious) is called "Elf Creep" by The Rocket Summer.
// I like them both. white lights are so classy and regal - but colored lights just scream childhood and fun.

// I have so many favorite holiday songs! My top two are Baby, It's Cold Outside - Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone and All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey. :)

// I think they both can look great, but I tend to love white lights more.

// All I Want for Christmas — Michael Buble. In fact, play anything Michael Buble and it's a crowd pleaser in my house.
// White! Don't get me wrong, this girl loves her color, but there's something so classy and clean when simple white lights are strung around.

// My favorite Christmas song is O, Holy Night done by no particular artist, but Josh Groban does a nice rendition, of course.  The song actually holds dear memories for me.  It's the first Christmas song my mother taught me to play on my violin; she played the coordinating obligato part on her violin.  Every year, without fail, the last verse brings me to tears.
// White lights.  They just sparkle.

// My favorite Christmas song is Carrie Underwoods version of Do You Hear What I Hear. I completely love her version and can't get enough of it. 
// I prefer the clean look of white lights. It is so classic and looks so cozy at the same time. I wish it was exceptable to have Christmas lights up all year. I absolutely love them!

// I'm going to cheat and name an entire album.  Amy Grant's Home for Christmas.  I listened to the album on tape all the time as a kid.  I love listening to it now because it reminds me of all my family Christmas' as a child.  If I was to pick one song from the album it would be, Breath of Heaven.
// I really enjoy both white and colorful lights.  However, for the last couple of years teh lights on our Christmas tree have been white.
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// Ooh, that's hard. I have five favorite Christmas songs but I've recently taken a liking to Christina Perri's cover of Let it Snow. It's good and well worth the Youtube search. 
// Even though my family has colorful lights, I'm all about white lights and the simple bright glow they add to the Christmas tree. Someday, my white lights will come! 

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// Baby It's Cold Outside. Always. So many people do it, but I really love She and Him's version. Louis Armstrong, though...a classic.  i can't decide my favorite artist.

// White lights! but not LED. I'm very specific about this. I LOVE the warm white lights. My husband would disagree. Just like everything else about our styles, our opinions are always opposite. 

// My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night especially when sung acapella in church.  Group 1 Crew just happens to have an amazing rendition of it that I listen to frequently.
// I prefer white Christmas lights.  I love how classic they look.

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thanks to all my lovely friends for participating in the christmas joy! you helped make my december feature post dreams come true. :) if you are interested in joining the rivers and roads team, check out my advertising options. because it's christmas, i'm offering 50% off all advertising packages through december 24th. use the code: BUDDYTHEELF

merry christmas!
Amy said...

LOVED hearing all the opinions and favorite songs (and up you made a playlist - I will most DEFINITELY be hitting "play" when I get home from work tonight!)
(also I'm with shayla I love warm white lights, not LED nights, they are not the same)
great "get to know you" post!!

Amanda Jaynes said...

I love that you made a playlist of everyone's favorite songs! SO sweet :) I'm so happy to be a sponsor this month! xo

Megan McIlvaine said...

so glad to have you on the team, girl! and yes!...i felt like everybody needed a little dose of christmas music!

Megan McIlvaine said...

yay! turn it up loud. and yes, i love the warm white lights. LED lights are weird bright.

agodfashionedlife said...

I'm so thankful to be a sponsor on your blog, Meg! I love the playlist and reading other bloggers favorite song!

Christina Main said...

Yum! This post was delicious! ;)

Kiki said...

Yay, this post was so fun to not only be a part of but to discover new bloggers to meet as well! :)

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

This was so fun and I love that you put all the music together! Awesome!

Megan McIlvaine said...

i love me some music. thanks for participating!

Megan McIlvaine said...

i know! i love learning new things about you blogger friends too!

Megan McIlvaine said...

haha love that description :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

so thankful to have you here, lady!