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10 reasons to work at camp.

as many of you know, i spent a few summers in colorado working at a camp called eagle lake. they were some of the best summers i've had thus far and had such a huge impact on my life. one thing i love about eagle lake is the navigator's emphasis on discipleship. they realize the importance, as believers, of being poured into, walking alongside each other, and growing together in relationship with Jesus.

during the two summers i worked at eagle lake as a CREW camper, i was discipled by two incredible counselors. it was those two women and my experience at camp that made me want to go back as a counselor one day. i wanted to pour into others like i had been poured into. i wanted to spread the name of Jesus and be a part of the beautiful web of discipleship.  my heart was for the CREW program because i had participated in it as a high schooler and i wanted to work with high schoolers myself. high school is such an interesting time in life as you are entering a world of semi-adulthood and expected to make a million different life decisions without having had any actual life experience. it's exciting and confusing and completely overwhelming all at the same time.

so i worked with high schoolers for a summer. it was the most challenging and rewarding time of my life as i got to know my campers, their stories, and their walks with Jesus. we laughed and cried and prayed a whole lot. it was such a beautiful thing to be able to come beside those campers, to become their friend, and to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus. the greatest joy comes from seeing how Jesus continues to mold them even today, three years down the road. i formed friendships with my campers that have lasted, and i have even gotten to see some of them go back to eagle lake as counselors themselves. how wonderful is that??

so why am i telling you this? well, you see, summer is approaching and eagle lake is still in the process of hiring their summer staff! if you are between the ages of 18 - 23, and still trying to figure out your summer plans, this is me highly encouraging you to consider eagle lake camp. not quite convinced? let me give you 10 good reasons.

1. you get to spend the entire summer in colorado.
2. there is no humidity or mosquitos. (southerners will appreciate this the most.)
3. epic chaco tans are a given.
4. camp t-shirts -- to add to that awesome t-shirt quilt you're going to make five years from now.
5. you can't beat the community - 3 months with the same people? you get real close, real fast.
6. stars that burn like diamonds - seriously. sleep outside one night. i've never seen stars like that.
7. you won't sleep much, but you'll also never have felt more alive. #enthusiasmiscontagious
8. you may meet your best friend. i did!
9. you will be serving the Kingdom & be involved in something that has a significant eternal impact.
10. you will witness the Lord changing lives. your life & the lives of those around you. it is beautiful.


please let me know if you apply or are even thinking about applying! i would love to be praying for you! if you have any questions about eagle lake, feel free to shoot me an email. i love talking about that place because it is so dear to my heart, and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. plus, if you end up at eagle lake this summer, i pinky promise to send you some snail mail because camp mail is like gold. :) please feel free to share this info with your friends! i know eagle lake is still looking for male counselors for this summer, so pass the word along to your brothers, friends, etc. thanks a bunch!

Madison said...

I wanted to work at a summer camp during a summer in college. It never panned out but I'm sure it would've been a blast! It sounds like you have had such a great experience :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

girl, it was so fun. truly once in a lifetime experience (or 2 or 3...depending on how many times you go back. ha!) it was definitely life changing. :)

Amy said...

#1 got me, but #2 hooked me ;)
i WISH i had been a summer camp counselor....it is something i regret not doing...and now that i've hit that *cough* 25 age...its just weird haha.

Megan McIlvaine said...

Ha! YES to both of those, but really really #2. it's the worst part about living in the south. i like pretty much everything else :)