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weekend update.

1. Lunch dates with core group. One of my core group girls was accepted into medical school (yay!) and we got together on Wednesday for lunch before she moves to Mississippi. I'm so thankful for that group of girls and that those of us who are still in Chattanooga are able to get together once a week for some time of fellowship and time with Jesus.

2. Pops on the River celebration. We headed downtown on Thursday night for the annual fireworks show that is put on by the city of Chattanooga. We found a spot right by the river with the perfect view of the beautiful fireworks! Plus, the weather was delicious. Perfect temperatures and super low humidity...a rare occurrence for southern summer days!

3. Family and 4th of July. Friday evening was full of family, grilling out, slack-lining, bocce ball, and babies. I loved having such a chill 4th of July this year. It was nice to be home and relax.

4. A clothing purge. I went through all of my clothes and filled up two ThredUp bags that I'll be sending in this week! Just one more step in the process of creating my capsule wardrobe!

5. Sunshine and reading time. I spent the rest of the weekend soaking up the sun, working on my chaco tan, and reading a lot of Harry Potter. I finished book five (yay!!) and started book six, which I cannot put down. Reading is my jam.

-- Storyboard photos from Frozen.
-- This is the coolest way to watch a fireworks show.
-- I'm really wanting to add this map to my collection.

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meg pitts said...

I think I'm going to use your link to try selling some stuff with ThredUp. Have you sold a lot through them yet?

Jenna Griffin said...

What a great week you've had! Hasn't this weather been amazing? This was the most mild 4th we've had in a while (besides the rain we had last year)! I love that shot of the bridge!

Amy said...

med school----ow ow! that's awesome for her!
I love that you just called fireworks "pops" hahahaha
gah I need to catch up with you on HP...still starting book 5 (this is what happens when I read 4 books at once)
seriously - sounds like you had a LOVELY weekend!!

Beka Johnson said...

How fun! Glad you got to soak up some sunshine and read!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

I am proud of your purge! Also, I want to reread the books now....

Meg McIlvaine said...

yeah! she's worked very hard and waited a long time for it!
hahahah! that's what the event is called!! it was "pop in the park" but they changed it to "pops on the river" a couple of years ago.
girl, book 5 was so good. get on it! ;) i can't put book 6 down!

Meg McIlvaine said...

the weather was AH-mazing. i was so thankful! after last year's rainy summer (like every day) i was so glad to have a sunshiny holiday!
thank ya! that view of the river is one of my favorites.

Meg McIlvaine said...

this is actually my first time sending in any clothes!! i will let you know how it goes! i'm wondering how much they will offer for some of the items i'm sending in. some are really nice and basically new! right now, i'd say give it a shot. even if they don't keep some items to sell, they will give them away for you.

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

I love your river celebration photo! Also, slack-lining! I want to see pictures of that! :)