-- Google Hangouts. Guys, if you don't have long distance friends that you video chat with, you should get on that. I look forward to my Google hangouts with Beth and Sam like I look forward to Christmas morning. No joke. They are so fun, and I love those people.

-- Same job, new office. My company built a brand new building for us and we moved in over the weekend. I did not, obvi, because I was at the beach, so tomorrow will be my first day in the new office! I'm excited. You know you're old when you get excited about getting a new cubicle and office chair. Sigh.

-- BFFLs beach trip. I've been in Sandestin all weekend with my best friends from college, and we just got home today. It was such a relaxing weekend away (just what we all needed) and we had perfect weather the entire time! I love those girls and am so thankful for the time we get to spend together!

-- Do you guys remember the goat video craze?  I think they are hilarious, and I stumbled upon this baby goat video and laughed so hard.
-- I LOVE this post by Elah Tree about supporting the dreams of others. So good.
-- When I tell people that I usually cry or tear up once a day, they always think something is wrong with me. I mean, sometimes I'm crying because I'm sad, but a lot of the time life is just overwhelmingly beautiful.
-- If someone wants to send me this shirt in the mail, I wouldn't complain. ;) I'm so ready to break out the comfy autumn wardrobe.
-- Ummmmm, this might be the best way to play soccer. Ever. Considering my history with sports related injuries, I'd probably end up breaking both of my legs, but hey. #worthit

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-- I hate the taste and smell of olives. Bleck.
-- No matter how much sunscreen I wear or how often I re-apply, I always get burnt...then I tan.

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

You are beautiful!

Megan McIlvaine said...

Thanks bestie. :)

Amy Hodgdon said...

I love that you had such a great weekend! :)
Seeing your photos was SO fun!
It is an amazing blessing to have sweet friends to vacation with!
Also- a new cubicle really DOES sound exciting! :)

Madison said...

Hey, at least you tan after you burn! I burn and then go back to white. SIGH. I was telling someone that it's pretty crazy how white I am this summer, it's like I spent my whole life in an office or something. Oh, wait... I did! Your beach trip looks incredible!

Megan McIlvaine said...

Hahaha!! Spending the summer in an office is the story of my life. I have basically not been tan since I graduated from college and got a real life job. ;) The beach was amaaaaaaazing. I'll be posting a few more pictures soon. :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

Thanks so much, friend! It truly is.
Ahh! My new cubicle is tiny, but cute. I'm trying to organize it this morning!

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Google hangouts ARE the best! Next week! Next week! I loved seeing all you beach photos too! Beautiful!

Elise Jay said...

Meg - your photos on Instagram were BEAUTIFUL and I love how effortless and pretty you look in all of them! - Totally beach chic.

Megan McIlvaine said...

Oh my goodness...what a compliment. Thank you!! :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

Eeeeep! I was seriously hoping it was this week but then I realized it wasn't. Good story. Seriously, I was a little sad. Also, I love this whole Google Hangouts thing, but I find myself wishing like every day that we could just meet up for coffee. :)

Mandy said...

I always get excited when I get to move to a new cube or office! Definitely makes me realize that I'm officially old lol

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Coffee dates every week! That would be the best! We could all go to coffee and do blog stuff together! If only! :)

Haley Bohon said...

Beach trips with girlfriends are the best!! And I hate olives too, girl. They're awful!

Meg McIlvaine said...

We had SO much fun!
Yay!!...so glad I'm not alone in my disgust of olives! ;)