I love Instagram. It's a place to connect with others and to cultivate community. It acts as a visual journal, as a place to keep and remember stories, and as a timeline of the past few years. I also love photo prints. You know, the ones you can actually hold in your hands? Do you remember the days of film when you would take the twenty-something photos and drop them off to be developed? You had to wait a few days to get them back and the anticipation of seeing your photos and how they turned out was almost too much for me to handle at times. ;) You would take your prized photos home and stick them in a cute photo album where they would stay for years to come and where you could look at them any time you wanted. We don't tend to print photos as often these days because they are so easily accessible online or on our phones, but I miss having physical copies of those moments and memories captured.

Beth and I decided it had been far too long since we'd done a craft project together, so with the help of photo prints from Social Print Studio and the most adorable tiny albums you've ever seen from A Beautiful Mess, we made our mini Insta album dreams come true. I printed off a stack of photos from my Instagram feed that I could use in an album for the year of 2015. I sorted through them all and placed them in chronological order so I could see my year this far in photos. So much has happened this year, and I love looking back to see photos from one of my best friends' weddings, my trip to visit Sam and Tyler in New York, the hard last days of saying goodbye to Chattanooga and friends there, the road trip to Colorado with my mom, and this crazy beautiful summer here in the Rocky Mountain state. It will be so fun to print the rest of the year off at the end of December so that I can have a finished album!

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What is your favorite part about Instagram? Do you prefer to print your photos or are you completely happy leaving them on your phone/computer? Have you ever created a photo album full of Instagram prints? Tell me about it!