I've been a wearer of glasses since I was a young girl and still remember the first pair of glasses I had. They were oval with a metal frame and had those super fancy sunglasses clip-ons to protect my little blue eyes from the bright sun. (#stylin') "Super cool" wasn't really ever a phrase used to describe me then...or ever. ;) My spectacle choices have come a long way since those days, and I now tend to go for a dark and thick frame. I recently got a new lens prescription and decided it might be a good idea to update my specs so I could do things like read, and ya know, see clearly.

If you know me at all, you know I tend to do a lot of research before making decisions. Like a good boyscout, I like to be prepared, okay? I ended up with some frames from Firmoo, and honestly had a great experience with them. They provide quality frames at an incredibly affordable price and have a multitude of options to choose from! Frames for everyone! During my recent search for new glasses, I learned a few things along the way, and thought I'd share.

Before purchasing a new pair of specs, make sure you pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood eye doctor! You are definitely going to want an updated prescription. Make sure your doctor writes the PD (pupillary distance) on your prescription because you will need that when ordering new lenses. Your PD is the distance between each of your pupils, and it is important because it ensures that the center of your lenses are placed directly in front of your pupils. If your pupillary distance is off, your vision will also be thrown off.

2 | Pick frames that compliment the shape of your face.
I have worn a variety of frame shapes over the years, but I have finally figured out what shapes look good on my face, and which do not. For example. circular frames (AKA Harry Potter spectacles) are a no-go for me. I look ridiculous in them, while my friend Laura can totally rock them. I tend to lean towards the rectangular or square frames. This time around, I ended up with these babies, and really love how they fit my face!

3 | Do a virtual try-on.
I highly suggest doing a virtual try-on. Most online retailers now offer this as an option, and I took advantage of Firmoo's try-on feature while I was trying to decide on a pair of frames. In my case, it helped me figure out what shape and color might look better on me! It's also just kind of fun to try on a hundred pair of glasses without having to physically put them on and take them off.

GUYS! Sorry I yelled, but this part is maybe the most important. You need to know your frame size if you don't want glasses that are falling off your face every time you move, or if you don't want glasses that are so tight they give you an instant headache. I love that Firmoo lists the detailed measurements below each frame online. So helpful! Now you're already ahead of the game if you have an old pair of frames because you should be able to look on the inside of the temple arm to find your measurements. However, if you don't, I suggest going and trying some frames on in the store to figure out your frame size.

Do you have the privilege of needing to wear glasses the rest of your life? Have you ever tried any of Firmoo's frames? What did you think? What is your go-to frame shape? I want to know everything. Tell me all of your secrets. ;)