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1 | I've finally found the one that I want. A camera bag, that is. Check out the bag I snagged from Jo Totes! Also, sometimes your best friend makes you stand in front of a fire station for photos and you get really nervous that the alarm is going to go off for some reason and you're going to get yelled at for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have semi-irrational fears sometimes, it turns out.

2 | Friends who speak your love language are friends you want to keep around. Friends who buy me my own jar of Talenti definitely speak my love language. Gelato for daysssss.

3 | GUYS! Sorry I yelled, but I am still just so excited about going to a balloon festival yesterday morning! Beth and I got up at the crack of dawn to watch tons of hot air balloons take off over Colorado Springs, and it was simply magical. I stood there and kept saying "this is so pretty" and "I love this so much" over and over again. I'm obviously incredibly eloquent, if you couldn't tell.

4 | In case you were wondering, waking up before the sun to head to an event with your best friend is totally worth it. I've loved all of our summer adventures, and am so excited to head into fall with more fun plans on the calendar.

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