It's Friday, people! And it's a holiday weekend, which means you can stay up late all weekend long because you don't have to work on Monday! ;) I'm sure you all have exhilarating plans starting tonight, but before you head off into the wild blue yonder, let me tell you about my latest escapades in the tech gear department: finding the perfect camera bag.

For years, I've carried my camera either in a bulky case or I've thrown it nonchalantly and I admit, a bit carelessly, into my purse. Oh, you're not supposed to do that kind of thing to your nice camera? Oops! Here's the good news. So far the poor thing has survived the treatment it's received, but knowing how clumsy I can be, I thought it was high time to find an alternative mode of transportation for my camera. I've been searching for the perfect camera bag for months and months. If you know anything about me, you know I like to research things before diving in, hence the months and months of searching.

Now I had pretty high standards and a few non-negotiable requirements of a camera bag, and I definitely wasn't going to settle. I wanted a bag that:
1 | Could be worn on the shoulder and as a crossbody.
2 | Had a lot of pockets. Organization, people. I need it.
3 | Had sturdy, protective, and adjustable inserts for safe camera storage.
4 | Had a laptop sleeve.
5 | Was carry-on compatible.

I know, I know. Some might say I'm too needy, but I'd just tell them that I know what I need and what I want and to mind their own business. One fine day this summer I found Jo Totes, and it was love at first sight. The Missy bag met all of my requirements. So I said, "Missy bag, you're the one that I want" and we've lived happily ever after.

Okay, but in all seriousness, this camera bag fit the bill. I've been using it every day for the past two months to tote around my camera and laptop plus a million other things (it has A LOT of pockets). So far I'm very happy with the quality of the material, the size of the bag, and the flexibility to organize the interior in various ways. It's a winner in my book!

Tell me: Are you on the lookout for the perfect camera bag? Check out Jo Totes and the items they have to offer! What are some of your "must haves" in a camera bag? Have any questions about the Missy bag? I'm all ears!