LOCATION: Bear Creek Park 
OUTFIT DETAILS: Barbary Chaco Boots | Outdoor Research Aria Vest | Patagonia Pullover

I am currently surviving, and I might even say thriving, through my first winter in Colorado. Little did I know when I moved here that I was moving to the land of ice and snow. "We hardly get any snow here" they said. "Hardly any snow" to me means the once or twice a year we get approx. 2 inches of snow in Tennessee. Apparently in Colorado that means snow once a week. ;) But for someone who LOVES snow, this is good news!

I've lost count of how many snow days we've had so far this winter, but I like to get out and stomp around in it whenever I get the chance. One chilly afternoon, we put on our jackets (like three of them...layers are essential) and our trusty Chaco boots and headed out to brave the elements, breathe the fresh air, and try to keep our fingers and toes from falling off in the process. Guysssss, I just got my Barbary boots this winter, and they came just in time. I needed a practical pair of shoes to wear on the reg. here in Colorado for the wintry days, and these completely fit the bill. Cute, comfortable, great arch support, wool, and waterproof leather. What else could you ask for? And you can wear the collar folded up or down...just depends on how sassy you're feeling that day. I wear them folded up because I'm sassy errrryday. ;)

That afternoon in the snow was filled with laughter, cold fingers, and rosy cheeks. There need to be more days like that, but maybe we'll bring hand warmers next time? I'm so thankful for the sweet friends who know my heart for the outdoors, and who are willing to bundle up and find adventures with me in the great wide somewhere. Get out and explore the winter wonderland where you live!

Now is your chance to win your own pair of Chacos! I promise whatever shoe option you go with from Chaco, you won't be disappointed. They are a product that last a lifetime. Tell me what adventures you'll take in these shoes!

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