DETAILS | Sequoia Maple Watch | Colorado Collective 

Guys, I am all about the wood watch craze these days. Why do I love it? The watches are typically lightweight, come in various types of wood, which offers you all different shades, tones, and grains to choose from, and they are stylish and different from your typical wristwatch!

So why am I telling you this? I've got a fun company for you to check out! Konifer Watch is a company based in Canada whose passion is for taking raw and beautiful wood and turning that into watches that are reliable and long-lasting works of art.

I personally love the way Konifer pays special attention to detail from the way the overall watch is designed to the tiny Maple leaf placed on the watch dial. I went with the Sequoia Maple Watch, which is incredibly light with a large and easily readable face. Because the materials for each watch are cut from different areas of a wood log, no watch is the same. Your watch will be one-of-a-kind and stand the test of time! (Pardon my pun.)

Check Konifer out and tell me which is your favorite! P.S. Konifer also creates snazzy sunglasses for all of you looking for a new pair of sunnies. :) Happy shopping!