Welcome to August! It's my favorite month of the year. Why? Well, it's the month that holds my mama's birthday, my parents' anniversary, my birthday, and the anticipation of autumn (my favorite season, obvi.)

Someone told me recently that I should start documenting my adventures again, and I completely agree. So in order to do that, we've got to do a little time travel back to April when my best friend from Tennessee came to visit me in the great state of Colorado. Nat got to come out to the wild, wild west for a long weekend and we filled it full of fun adventures, yummy foods, and real conversations.

Sunday morning we got up, grabbed coffee and started our day at The Overlook, which is one of my favorite spots to sit and think and pray. We sat in the car, sipped on our coffee, and let the words hiding deep in our hearts slip out. It was honestly one of my favorite mornings of this year. We talked about the things we were really feeling, unafraid of what the other might think. It is so freeing to have a friend like that to share life with.

We had planned on hiking in the afternoon but didn't know exactly where we wanted to go. With a suggestion from friends, we headed to the Paint Mines. I had never been before and didn't know what to expect. We started driving east and the prairies started to appear as the mountains got smaller and smaller behind us. Nat could hardly contain herself because she grew up in Arkansas and the wide open spaces just make her heart swell. #LittleNatOnThePrairie

It's about an hour drive from Colorado Springs to the Paint Mines, but it's a beautiful one. Once we arrived, we headed down the trail to the Mines and it took our breath away. I couldn't get over the different formations and textures and colors created by wind and water. It's places like this that remind me how incredibly cool and creative God is, and it makes me appreciate this life even more.

Have you ever been to the Paint Mines or a place like it?? Tell me about it!