I turn twenty-eight today.

I'm not really sure how I got here. In a lot of ways, I still feel like that twenty-two year old girl who had just graduated from college, was working three jobs, and left everything to be a counselor at a summer camp in Colorado. I guess you could say no matter how old I get, I'm always feelin' twenty-two. ;)

In case you were wondering, I'm not freaking out about it...the whole getting older thing. I already got that out of of my system when I turned twenty, and then again at twenty-five. So maybe I'm on the "freak out every 5 years" plan. We'll see what happens when thirty rolls around. ;)

But in all honesty, for the most part, getting older doesn't really bother me anymore. (Do you like how non-committal that sentence was?)

There is a struggle sometimes not to feel like I've missed something along the way that would make my life look different than it does right now. But I am reminded that God does not make mistakes, and that I am not running behind or running late in life. I am right where I am supposed to be.

I realized a couple of years ago that I had to quit looking at age as something to fear and start looking at it as something to appreciate. Another year means more experiences, more wisdom, more laughter, more time with friends and family, and more days to know Jesus better. After all, we don't get to be here long, so each year is a gift.

Here's to more adventures and more laughter and more grace in twenty-eight.