At the beginning of the year when I wrote out my hopes and dreams for 2016, I said I wanted to go to the mountains at least once a month. It's September, and so far I've checked time in the mountains off my list every month. Ever since moving to Colorado, I'd dreamed of adventuring in Rocky Mountain National Park. So in July, some friends and I woke up before the sun, piled into the truck, and chased after adventure in the mountains.

A friend had told me to check out this three lake hike, and when I was telling my mama about it, she said it was the same hike she'd been on during her time in Colorado while she was on staff with Campus Crusade. It's fun to have pictures in the same spot with years in between. I'm going to have to check them out when I go home for Christmas.

The hike was an easy one, but oh so beautiful. I told the boys we had to stop at each lake to take it all in (and take pictures, obvi.) Nymph Lake was the first and the smallest. Dream Lake really lives up to its name. Beautiful water and breathtaking mountain backdrops. We wandered around this one for a while before heading to our final destination, Emerald Lake.

GUYS. The color of the water is the prettiest in all the land. So clear and so emerald all at the same time and ever changing as the light shone through it. We sat on the rocks by the water, ate our lunch, and were surprised by the cutest marmot ever that I'm still slightly giddy about. The boys decided to rock hop around the entire lake, so I sat next to the water by myself for a while as the wind blew fluffy clouds across the sky and whipped up the water on the lake. It was an introvert's dream.

What is one of the best hikes you've ever been on?