LOCATION: Somewhere around the riverbend from Twin Lakes, CO
DETAILS: Outdoor Research Aria Vest | August Ink Pullover | Custom Chacos

If you can't tell by my Instagram feed, autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the seasons and each has its own special beauty, but autumn just feels like my season, like it was made for me. Autumn feels safe. It feels like home. The temperatures might not be warm, but the colors and the comfy layers are.

I was up in the Twin Lakes area last week (taking my new Chacos out for a spin) and took a wrong turn, but ended up finding the most glorious grove of golden Aspen trees. Let me tell you one thing: golden Aspens are life. There is just something about the way the yellow leaves catch the light and move with the wind that stirs my soul. I feel as if the branches could bend low and wrap me up in the warmest hug.

This season constantly leaves me in awe. The beauty and grace the trees portray while being stripped bare is breathtaking. They stand tall and strong and full of glorious color until all of their leaves are gone and they continue to just be for a season, faithfully remaining until springtime when they know they will be renewed. I want my life to look more and more like that. Learning to let go with a lot of grace and being faithful and patient in the waiting.

How and where are you adventuring this fall?