Hello friends! I know I know, I haven't been around these parts in quite a while. I took a good long break and honestly never thought I'd be back, but I really missed writing, so here we are. 2018 was a heck of a year, and we don't have time for me to tell you ALL THE THINGS, but here's a recap of all the adventures, big and small.

I flew home to Tennessee for what ended up being a three month leave because of some serious medical issues. It was one of the hardest and scariest times in my life, and I had no idea what the future would look like for me. Everything was so uncertain, and for someone who is a crazy planner, not having all the answers was extremely hard. It was the first time Shane and I had dated long distance, and it was incredibly difficult, but also one of the best things for us because it forced us to work on our communication and understanding of one another. Go team!

After three long months, I moved back to Colorado with the help of my mama, who stuck around for a few weeks to help me get settled back into life in Colorado. Being so sick became the catalyst for major changes in my life that had needed to be made for a while.

I quit my job and began a new position at another ministry in town, which has proven to be one of the best decisions I made for my mental and physical health. I moved into my own apartment and have lived by myself for the first time in my life. It's amazing. I started going to counseling, and wish I had done that like 8 years ago. Side note: counseling is THE BEST.

Let's just group these months together, shall we? Shane and I went camping with friends, traveled a bunch for trips to the lake with his family, his sister's wedding in Minnesota, and the weddings of 4 other friends. I waterskied for the first time in over ten years, got a tan that lasted maybe two weeks, and relaxed as much as possible.

Our close group of friends all played on a summer softball team, and most of our Saturdays in June were spent watching our guys play and ultimately win the softball championship. Woohoo!

I turned 30 in August. My best friend had the cutest baby in the world, and I became an auntie to my sweet Hilde Joy.

My favorite season did not disappoint. Shane took me on a day trip to Twin Lakes, which was one of my favorite days from last year. We went to Maroon Bells (my third time) with some of our best friends. Autumn was all about soaking in all the golden aspens until the last leaf fell.

Shane and I got engaged!! He planned my dream proposal without me telling him what I wanted, and it was seriously the best day ever. Maybe I'll tell y'all the whole story sometime. But for now, we are in the midst of all the wedding planning and will be getting married this spring. (insert praise hands and heart eyes for days.)

There ya go. Short and sweet. I don't know yet what this little space of mine on the world wide webs is going to look like moving forward, but I know I'm excited to be friends again. :) So tell me: what was a highlight from your 2018?