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The House on Willamette

Well folks, I done got married (more about that later) and bought a house with my handsome husband AND started running an Airbnb within the last 8 weeks. Things have been a little busy around here to say the least.

After four long months of house hunting, making lots of offers, getting beat out many, many times (because the Colorado market is C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-V-E), crying a bunch (just me, not my husband, to be clear), and almost giving up all hope, we finally found our perfect first home!

While we were looking for a house, we knew we wanted something we could Airbnb half of while still having our own private "unit" in our home. When we found this little guy, it was setup perfectly to make our Airbnb dreams come true! Plus, we're just two blocks east of the heart of downtown Colorado Springs and super close to the highway that will take you into the mountains for all of your Rocky Mountain adventures! As you know, it's all about location, location, location.

We spent about a month getting this little Victorian cutie ready to list on Airbnb. Countless hours were put into this house painting walls and trim, building pretty barn doors, installing new carpet, picking out cute furniture, and adding little touches that make this place a home. Now, The House on Willamette is waiting for you and your friends to come visit! :)

Do you run an Airbnb? What are some things you've learned/advice you want to share with this newbie?