READING | Moving Mountains by John Eldredge. It's all about prayer -- "praying with passion, confidence, and authority." I think our prayers can so easily become dry and lifeless. We pray for the same thing over and over again in the same old way and it feels like nothing will ever change. Even in praying for the same situation, I've been trying to use new words and approach it from a different angle -- it helps! Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool we've been given, and I want to learn how to utilize it better!

EATING | Summer was made for mango salsa and we eat it ALL THE TIME these days. It became a fast favorite a couple of years ago and now I make it almost weekly during the summertime. Everything about it tastes so fresh, and I told Shane that I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

LISTENING | Guys, don't judge me, but for a week I've been listening to the Jonas Brothers new album. But in classic Megan fashion, I only listen to two of the songs on repeat. My husband laughs at me and tells me I'm going to get sick of it and I'm like "Nuh-uh" even though I know I'll move on in about a month.

WATCHING | ALL THE BASEBALL. Shane is from Minnesota and has a lot of state pride. He also loves all sports, so we just move from sport to sport throughout the year. We are currently very invested in the future of the Minnesota Twins this summer and watch every game we can catch. I spend the time mostly making obnoxious comments and punny jokes and asking to be cuddled.😂

CELEBRATING | The success of our Airbnb! We feel really grateful for how Jesus has blessed this venture so far. We know demand will rise and fall and bookings may be harder to come by in the off-season, but we are really excited by how our short-term rental venture has gone!

ANTICIPATING | All the summer adventures. We're going on family vacay in a month, and we are pumped! We're also trying to get away some weekends for a few camping trips. One of the great parts so far about being married is we don't have to rely on friends coming with us in order to go on an overnight trip. THE BEST.

What's on your list currently?