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The Wedding Party

I don't know about y'all, but picking the wedding party was one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. Not because we didn't have enough people, but because we have too many friends. Ha! It's a good problem to have, really. When it came down to it, we knew having family in our wedding was really important to us. That meant my brother, Shane's sister, and our brother-in-law. These people are in our lives forever and we wanted them to stand with us as we entered into marriage. After that, it was my best friend from high school, my best friend from college, my three amazing girls I had led in Bible study for several years who had turned into some of my best friends, and my sweet Eagle Lake camper turned bestie turned sister. A special shout-out to my sweet Abbey (from my Bible study back home) who couldn't be in the wedding because she was about to have a baby! Shane also had his childhood best friend and best friends who have walked with him in his adulthood stand by his side.

I could seriously cry looking at all of these people and remembering the different seasons of life they have walked with us, and how each of them has had a special impact on our lives and our hearts. And then there are each other's siblings who neither of us has known a very long time, but each of us is so glad to have the rest of our lives to grow in relationship with!

Throughout the wedding weekend, Shane and I kept telling each other how much we loved that our wedding party liked each other. All these people from different parts of our stories had so much fun together, and that's like a dream come true for us to watch.

They were troopers while taking these photos with us in the freak April blizzard we had on our wedding day.😂 Colorado weather, ya know? We stood in the pouring snow freezing our booties off and couldn't feel a thing. Cold hands but warm hearts some might say. At least it was memorable, amiright??

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All photos by the wonderful Ashlee Kay.