I turn thirty-one today.

To be honest, sitting down to write this post, I don't feel like I have a lot of words. Maybe it's because so much has happened in the last year that I don't really know where to start.

A lot of life changed during the year of thirty -- I got engaged, got married, we bought a house, and we started a business, and we just adopted a dog. In the midst of all of that, we were doing everything we could to prepare for marriage well while working full-time jobs, moving multiple times, making it through our first married summer, and trying to love Jesus and each other well. Thirty was a year of transition and a lot of learning.

I'm learning how to be a wife and a friend at the same time. How to prioritize my marriage while still cultivating my friendships. How to support my husband while also taking care of myself. Learning when to say something and when to keep my mouth shut, which is hard for this girl who re-found her voice in the last year or so and isn't nearly as hesitant to state her mind like she used to be.😜 I hope in this next year that I continue to learn how to balance all of these things well. I hear it's a lifelong process, and I believe it.

Tonight we'll celebrate with some friends, and in a couple of weeks, we'll take a weekend for ourselves in the mountains to celebrate both of our belated summer birthdays together. I think I'm looking forward to that the most.😊

There is no telling what thirty-one will hold. But I trust that my Jesus knows, and that He will be by my side through it all.

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