If you can't tell by my Instagram, autumn is my favorite season hands down. I love a world that is washed in gold. Cool breezes and crisp golden leaves make my heart swell and my eyes fill with the happy kind of tears. Needless to say, it's really important to me that we get out and explore during the short autumn days Colorado gives us.

I've always thought it a little ironic that I feel most alive when the leaves are on their last breath. Maybe it's because they let go so graciously and that's something I aspire to. Or maybe it's because they finish their flourishing season so well, trusting there will be another where they will thrive.

Shane and I set aside a weekend in September to adventure and see the beautiful leaves. In the past couple of years, we've gone to Aspen and Maroon Bells, but this year I wanted to check out someplace new to me. So we went to Crested Butte! It's such a charming place with gorgeous views. You're surrounded by aspen-covered mountains on every side.

We found a campsite at the Oh Be Joyful campground and it was perfect! A river runs through the campground and we got a site right on the water, which was SO nice. I grew up camping in the south where rivers and creeks are everywhere, and I can remember most of those nights falling asleep to the sound of rushing water.

I'm not a mountain biker, but my husband is. So on Saturday morning, we headed up to the 401 trail. We hiked up the back side of the trail with our cute pup in tow. It's uphill most of the way, but you're rewarded with some really gorgeous views at the top, so it's worth it.😊 You can even see the tippy top of Maroon Bells from there, so that was fun! We took a quick break to catch our breath and Shane biked down the mountain full speed ahead. I hiked back down the way we had come to get the car and pick him up at the base of the mountain. (How nice to have a chauffeur, am I right Shane?)

We spent the rest of the day exploring Crested Butte and driving around in search of golden aspen groves. We checked out Kebler Pass, but the leaves hadn't started turning in that stretch of trees. Sad day. But we did find this random road where we parked and hiked around and found the perfect spot to set up a hammock and take a nap with autumn sunlight filtering through the leaves.

On Sunday, we woke up before the sun in 20-degree weather, packed everything up, and headed home in order to have a full afternoon to unwind. As much as I don't love super early mornings, I do love watching the sun come up, painting the mountains in hues of yellow and pink. We rounded a corner and there in the middle of the road was a magnificent moose! The first moose I had ever seen in real life. I grabbed my camera and took a really fuzzy photo through the windshield before Mr. Moose quickly moved off the road and disappeared into the brush. I told Shane the moose was the best ending to our weekend away.😊

And now, here are way too many photos of mountains and trees for your viewing pleasure. Sorry not sorry.