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The Best Places to Shop for Home Decor

Dear Megan, where are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

I love making our home a cozy place where people will feel welcome and at ease, but doing that isn't always cheap. Since I've never had a money tree growing in my back yard, I've had to learn how to be patient to wait on sales or do my research to find the best prices. My husband always makes fun of how many tabs I have open in my browser while I'm shopping, but I'm just researching the entire world wide web for the lowest price on something we are hoping to purchase for our home! Can anyone relate? These are a few of my go-to places to shop:

We bought this nuLOOM Jute Rug for our newly finished basement, and I LOVE it. When it arrived, it was much thicker than I had expected, which was awesome because I wanted something to protect our floors, and to protect our poor feet from the cold.

When we got our couch for the basement, it came with two pillows that were pretty hideous. If they are going to give you pillows with your new couch, why can't they at least make them cute? Ha! I knew I wanted a few pillows to fill up our couch and wanted to make the most of our "free" ones, so I just got these Faux Leather Pillow Covers from Amazon because they were more affordable than buying brand new pillows! They've been great and helped pull our whole couch look together.

For our wedding, we were gifted these Gallery Float Frames, and I love the look they create! It's a little embarrassing, but I just had photos printed for them last week -- six months later. Oops! I NEED to have meaningful memories on our walls, so that means photos of us and places we've been. I'm still working on adding life to our walls, but the project is coming along.😊

You guys, I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and their Hearth and Hand line at Target. I can't help myself! I saw this Striped Throw Pillow and new it would be the perfect touch of earthy tones I wanted for our couch.

I bought the Harlow Slat Headboard when I was living by myself in my cute apartment. I hadn't had a headboard in years and wanted something that didn't feel too heavy or bulky in my room. This one was perfect because it has more of an "open" feel and didn't crowd the room.

So World Market doesn't actually sell the exact bookshelf I have from them anymore...that's how long it's been since I bought it! But the Emerson Shelving looks amazing and is totally more my style these days. Everything I've purchased from them has been extremely well made -- also a little pricier -- but it lasts a very long time because of the high quality.

Where are your favorite places to pick up items for your cozy home?