In case you missed it, I asked my followers to shoot me some questions on Instagram this week -- anything they wanted to ask -- and I'd work on answering them here on the old blog! I plan on doing this "Dear Megan" series once a week on Fridays. So y'all come on back next week, okay? Okay.😊 And if you have questions you'd like to submit for future "Dear Megan" posts, leave them in the comments for me! Alrighty, let's kick this series off with a question about something really dear to my heart!

Dear Megan, what are your favorite Enneagram resources?

I've been meaning to talk about the Enneagram on here for quite a while. I'm a Type 9, but I thought I was a Type 2 for over a year (and that wasn't great), and I'll dive more into that in another post one day. The Enneagram has been a very meaningful and useful tool for me in the last couple of years as I've walked through my battle with anxiety and my journey to healing.

For now, I'd love to share some of the Enneagram related resources that have opened my eyes and heart and encouraged me in learning how to use this great tool! If you're just getting into the Enneagram or are simply curious about it, all of these will be great places to start.

The Road Back to You
I've listened to this book once, and now I'm reading through it. You catch so much more when you're reading. Plus, I get to underline all the things to come back to later.😍 Ian Morgan Cron writes in an incredibly honest way about the Enneagram that I really appreciate. He makes it clear that the Enneagram is NOT the end all be all when it comes to typing personalities. It is a tool for spiritual growth and great when partnered with the Gospel, but should never be put above the Gospel. And I love that. This is the book that actually made me realize I was a Type 9 instead of a 2. I had a small identity crisis when that happened, but we'll talk about that another time. Ha!

Typology Podcast
This podcast is hosted by Ian Morgan Cron (who wrote the book above.) It's so good! He highlights all 9 Enneagram types and invites guests onto the show who fall under each number. They have a good long chat about what it's like to live as their Enneagram type, what they've learned, how they are growing, their strengths and weaknesses, and even how the people with the same type can still be very different. It's fascinating to me, and it always helps me to hear from someone who understands where I'm coming from. I can't tell you how often I sit and listen to folks talk about my Enneagram type and just nod my head in agreement or laugh out loud at how accurate it is.

Sleeping At Last Podcast
You guys, I've loved Sleeping At Last for a very long time, and now he has written a song for each Enneagram type. I remember crying when the first song came out because it was so beautiful and intentional. And then I waited in anticipation as a new song was released every few months after that. What I LOVE about this podcast is that Ryan carefully breaks down each and every song, sharing how he wrote it, how he studied up on each Enneagram type and what he learned about them, and why he chose the lyrics he did. It's seriously beautiful, and I've cried listening to every single episode and song.

Your Enneagram Coach
I started following Beth McCord on Instagram quite a while ago and loved how she broke down each type in a way that was easy to read and understand. I frequently save her Instagram posts to come back to. Beth and her husband just published a book called "Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage" and you better believe I ordered that sucker. Shane and I just started reading it and are going to be discussing it together every week as a way for us to be intentional about our marriage and growing together as a team that is centered around the Gospel. Hooray!

Brush and Barley
This one is just for funsies! I found Audrey on Instagram through a friend who had shared one of her adorable Enneagram graphics in their stories. I immediately connected with her regarding her journey with anxiety, and I loved all of the graphics she had created regarding mental health. Audrey's Enneagram graphics are so cute, and you have to check them out!

What questions would you like for me to tackle next? Leave them in the comments!