LISTENING | Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Wilder Woods, which is the solo album of NEEDTOBREATHE's lead singer. One of the songs came up on a Spotify playlist and I was like "This is NEEDTOBREATHE but I don't know this song. How is that possible??" And that's when I discovered Wilder Woods. I LOVE it. "Someday Soon" and "Hillside House" are currently my top two favorite songs on the album.

PRACTICING | Joy. This has been a difficult and often hurtful season because of things outside of our control and it's been extremely easy for me to be angry about it. But I was reminded recently that because of Jesus, I have a joy that no one can take from me. So I am praying that Jesus will give me the strength and courage to choose joy in the midst of things we can't control.

WATCHING | I've been obsessed with this show called Heartland for a few months and I just finished all of the seasons that are available on Netflix. Send help. What should I watch next?

DRINKING | Hot water with honey. I've had a pretty bad cold since last week, and I've been cooped up at home all week because nobody wants to hear this cough or sniffly nose.

ANTICIPATING | Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of the year, and yes, we already have our tree and most of our decorations up. My parents are coming to visit next week for Thanksgiving, but since we won't see them at Christmas, we're also celebrating that together while they are here. So that's one of the reasons I decorated early this year. That and I just needed more joy in my life right now, and Christmas brings me joy.😀