Eddie Bauer Flannel
Who doesn't love their man in a good flannel? I love it when my husband wears his flannel shirts. It's so cozy, like a warm hug. In fact, I have a hard time NOT buying him a new flannel every holiday. So far this year, I've stopped myself at least five times. This is not a joke. I have a very real problem. But I'm sure you don't, so go flannel or go home this Christmas.

Leather Gloves
Shane has been asking for some nice leather gloves for winter, but they tend to be so expensive! I'm looking for a good deal this year -- send me some if you find any!

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
I got these headphones for Shane last year and he LOVES them. He never leaves home without them when heading off on a trip. He says they are especially wonderful during flights because they block out all the plane noise. They are a great product at a much more affordable price than some of the crazy expensive brands.

Eddie Bauer's Haven Beanie
If you can't tell, we really like Eddie Bauer, and no, this is not a paid ad. Haha! They just have great products and great sales! This beanie is so warm and cozy and comes in several colors. Shane has black and green and looks so handsome in both. They are his go-to on chilly days.

Yeti Tumbler
We own a couple of Yeti products, one being this tumbler, and I can honestly say it's the best. It keeps our hot drinks hot, and my cold drink cold FOREVER -- or for many many hours if we're being realistic.

USA Trucker Hat
Guys always need new trucker hats. At least, my guy does. I can't tell you how many hats he owns -- well, I could go into our closet and count, but I'm too tired to do that -- let's just say it's a lot. And he won't get rid of any of them because some are his "nice" hats and some are his "work" hats and some are his "running" hats -- you get the point. They apparently all have a purpose.😂Just like the flannels, I have to stop myself from buying my husband hats every time I see one I know I think he'd look handsome wearing, despite the fact that I think he already has too many. I'm a sucker for them.

Highridge Polarized Sunglasses
Listen, my husband misplaces his sunglasses all the time. He typically finds them, of course, but it's always nice to have a second pair on hand just in case. OR maybe your man's precious pair of sunglasses got sat on and went to the sad sunglasses cemetery.

America The Beautiful - Handmade Flag
If your husband is anything like mine, he might like this beautifully handcrafted flag to hang in his office or man cave. We actually have one hanging in our bedroom -- the natural woodgrain version -- and Shane and I both love it. It's meaningful to us because we have many family members who have served or are serving to protect our country, and this flag hanging in our home reminds me to pray for them and remain grateful for sacrifices they make every day for us. These flags are made by a friend of my family -- a former U.S. Army paratrooper who was wounded in Afghanistan. You can support a veteran this Christmas and gain a beautiful new piece to decorate the walls of your home.

Electric Leaf Blower
I had to throw in a tool because what man doesn't love power tools?! Is a leaf blower considered a power tool? Who cares! My husband was like a kid on Christmas when this arrived on our front porch. He got up on the roof faster than you can say "ho ho ho" and cleaned out all of the gutters with this bad boy. He's a fan, to say the least. Your man will be too.