Note to self: Be intentional in 2020. I know that's such a cliche word these days, but it's still real. Keep asking friends to hang out even if they aren't great at reaching out to you. Ask them to lunch or to coffee or on a walk. Just ask. Keep putting yourself out there. Keep extending your hand and making people feel welcome even when it scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable. It's good to stretch yourself. We're always growing and changing and that is good. 'Cause life without revision will silence our souls.

Continue to love even when you are hurt. Even when you feel left out and isolated. Even when you feel forgotten and misunderstood. Whether it's a kind text or note, an encouraging word, a compliment, or physically reaching out to offer a hand or a hug -- love like Jesus even when it's hard. And trust me, it's going to be hard.

This year, don't be afraid to speak your mind. Be gracious and kind, speak truth and mercy, but don't back down from what you believe, even if it's different from what the world says you should believe. Don't be afraid to take the narrow road even if it looks strange to others -- this is what you have been called to.

Be confident in who you are. You are a daughter of the High King and your presence matters here. Your story matters. Regardless of how often you might feel the opposite. Keep believing what is right and true and good. Remember your worth.

Keep exploring. You did such a good job of this last year, so keep it up. Plus, you have a husband now that has helped revive your adventurer's heart, and that has been so good for you. Get outside. Take all of the photos that make your heart happy. Breathe the fresh air. Notice the big and little things.

Thank Jesus for your husband every day. He is your greatest gift, your strongest teammate, your most trusted secret keeper, your truth speaker, and your best friend. Keep learning how to be the wife Jesus has called you to be. Keep learning how to care for him and support him. Keep respecting him. Keep praying together. Keep growing together.

Remember how far you have come this year, and don't let the hard days make you feel like the work you've done was for nothing. It's all for something. And Jesus is going to use all of the days for His glory. You've seen Him do it before and you'll see Him do it again. So keep moving forward and don't lose heart. He is with you always, to the end of this year and to the end of the age.