MAKING | Buckeyes. Or Peanut Butter Balls as us southerners call them. I'm attending a Christmas cookie exchange this week and, well, this is what I've had time to make, so we're calling them a kind of cookie, okay?

WATCHING | The Mandalorian on Disney+ -- we are obsessed! Can't give you any spoilers, obviously, but Shane and I are both really enjoying this show and getting to see more of the Star Wars story we've never seen before!

PREPARING |  For all of the upcoming nights filled with plans. Hello, holiday season. I'm an introvert and really only like having evening plans MAYBE twice during the week, but in the next couple of weeks we are booked almost every night. Ahhh. Send help. And ice cream. It's all good things, but I have been reminding myself to breathe and be patient and have grace in the midst of a busy we can't totally control. Can anyone relate?

SMELLING | A delicious candle that smells like pine. We don't have a real tree this year, but I still need a real tree smell, so this candle has been burning a lot these days, filling our house with the smell of a magical pine forest.

ANTICIPATING | Our long road trip to Minnesota for Christmas. We'll load up the car with our things and our dog and head north very early one morning and won't arrive until very late that night. Shane I both enjoy road trips together, but this is still a long one. I'll fix us snacks to keep in the cooler so we don't have to stop too many times. I probably need to create a great road trip playlist for us and download some podcasts to listen to as well. Any road trip tips?